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Cargo Freight Service

What we do and what can you expect from us

Cargo is a specialized freight forwarding project of Pacific freight forwarders, which is conducted with considerable expertise, knowledge, and experience. This is a dedicated shipping service that has been undertaken by Pacific Freight forwarders. Our company has the most in depth, and intricate knowledge on which shipping line is best for you for e.g. does your product need to be shipped in a wrapped container, a rack a bulk vessel, or a roll on roll of the vessel. This encompasses freight services by the ocean, by air or by road and rail from site to site. We have the capacity to handle a significant infrastructure and also have particular types of equipment like Flat Racks, Flat Beds, Open Top Containers and GP Containers for shipment of any sized and shaped types of equipment across any seaports. Since Project Cargo has less number of options, it is always better to partner with a company like us who handle these kinds of projects.

We help you to make the best choices that are suited as per your requirements, and we also have knowledge of various shipping routes that will assist in the faster delivery of your goods. Allow us to identify your direction, and we will provide you with the fastest and best service.

Our core services include freight forwarding services by Sea and Air to and from any part of the world. We work in ex-factory as well as FOB basis. We also help in customs clearance, where, we remove the goods and the cargo from any custom house in India. We also assist in transporting goods to and from any part of the country and the world.